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May 10

Disrupt NY

Disrupt NY May 9-11, 2016 New York, New York “Immersion was the thread that I was following, but the ability to scale it didn’t exist five years ago.” ~ Chris Milk, VRSE “The killer app for VR is storytelling—we just haven’t mastered it yet.” ~ Chris Milk, VRSE “In a couple of generations of phones …

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Apr 27

NewCo Boston

NewCo Boston April 27, 2016 Boston, Massachusetts “In the cloud, we give away little bits of ourselves everyday.” ~ Norman Guadagno, Carbonite “Companies spend $14 on advertising for every $1 that they spend on understanding their customers.” ~ Howard Kogan, C Space “One of the most significant technology events in the last 10 years… Amazon …

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Apr 20

IEG 2016

IEG 2016 April 17-20, 2016 Chicago, Illinois “Millennials want to know what a brand stands for. Humanizing brands is a huge opportunity.” ~ Chris Brandt, Taco Bell “Taco Bell targets 20-year-olds. Why? Because, who doesn’t want to be in their 20’s. It’s a mindset.” ~ Chris Brandt, Taco Bell “Millennials don’t want to be sold …

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Apr 05

Ad Age Digital

Ad Age Digital April 5-6, 2016 New York, New York “Is conflict of interest the new norm?” (most important question of the day) ~ Alex Bruell, Advertising Age “Publishers need a better business, because we need a place for our ads.” ~ Lou Paskalis, Bank of America “Advertising is interrupting a thought. Marketing is about …

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Mar 29

4A’s Transformation, part 6

4A’s Transformation March 21-24, 2016 Miami, Florida “Accenture has hired 90,000 Millennials in the last year.” ~ Christopher Tkaczyk, Fortune “Accenture found Millennials want and need to have a higher purpose at work.” ~ Christopher Tkaczyk, Fortune “Lotame was the first DMP, before DMP’s existed and before the alphabet soup of the Lumascape.” ~ Doron …

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