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Nov 11

4A’s CreateTech, part 1

4A’s CreateTech Nov 11–12, 2015 New York, New York “User experience is more than just a screen.” ~ Daniel Perlin, Droga5 “The new generation of millennial consumers are ‘cybrids’ and have a fully symbiotic relationship with technology.” ~ Erica Orange, The Future Hunters “Users have a secret love affair. The intimacy of applications through UX that …

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Nov 02

GPJ Sports Business Panel

GPJ Sports Business Panel November 2, 2015 San Francisco, California “The impact Sport has in a community transcends Sport.” ~ Kevin Bartram, George P Johnson Experience Marketing “We are selling passion… the passion of our fan base, to create a positive lift for your brand.” ~ Jason Pearl, SF Giants “People care about four things: …

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Oct 07

4A’s Strategy Festival, part 3

4A’s Strategy Festival October 4-6, 2015 New York, New York “The things that happen to you are way more powerful than the things you hear about.” ~ Darren McColl, Sapient Nitro “The closer you are to the person in the story, the more meaningful it is for you.” ~ Darren McColl, Sapient Nitro “Think about …

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Oct 06

4A’s Strategy Festival, part 2

4A’s Strategy Festival October 4-6, 2015 New York, New York “For Apple, the most important component of any piece of technology is the people that will use it.” ~ Marc-Antoine Jarry, TBWA “Marketing iPhone is like going to a Zen monastery.” (doing less and less) ~ Marc-Antoine Jarry, TBWA “When we are naked we win… …

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Oct 05

4A’s Strategy Festival, part 1

4A’s Strategy Festival October 4-6, 2015 New York, New York “If we are going to talk to our clients about content, we have to walk the walk ourselves.” ~ Joe Lazauskas, Contently “Culture is everything that is not nature.” ~ Sarah DaVanzo, Sparks&Honey “Today, all communication can be interactive so we can get people to …

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