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Jan 27

Mobile Media Summit SF

Mobile Media Summit SF January 26, 2015 San Francisco, California “No one questions the pivot/switch that needs to happen (with mobile).” ~ Shiv Singh, Visa “We have a big legacy of ‘mobile second’.” ~ Shiv Singh, Visa “We see Mobile as an ‘And’ not an ‘Or’.” ~ Michael Lacorazza, Wells Fargo “We started in Mobile …

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Jan 21


DLD15 January 18-20, 2015 Munich, Germany “We’ve never been as separated from how our food is produced than we are today.” ~ as tweeted by Colin James Nagy “In the US everything that is not forbidden is allowed, in Europe everything that’s not allowed is forbidden.” ~ as tweeted by Meinolf Ellers “There is a …

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Jan 07


CES 2015 January 6-9, 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada “57% of ads are never viewed by a human—with a number like that, nothing else matters.” ~ Neal Mohan, Google “A lot of the money we used to put into user acquisition—we now put that into the product.” (& leads to referrals) ~ Jeff Levick, Spotify “For …

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Jan 06

Fortune Brainstorm Tech Dinner at CES

Fortune Brainstorm Tech Dinner at CES “If you have a drone with you, keep it grounded during dinner—it interferes with the food service.” ~ Alan Murrray, Fortune “In all cases: b2b, b2c, companies are trying to redefine their relationships with customers, and that is a big change.” ~ Marc Benioff, Salesforce “We are all heading …

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Dec 03

IGNITION: Future Of Digital, part 5

IGNITION: Future Of Digital December 1-3, 2014 New York, New York “The Greek chorus is alive and well.” (through social) ~ Alex Jutkowitz, Group SJR “We have to be where new things are happening, because that is what’s next.” ~ Beth Comstock, GE “We’re industrial for the ages, but it’s all about technology.” ~ Beth …

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