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Oct 06

RMI – Natural Capitalism Panel , October 3

Amory Lovins‘ intro now includes his confession that he walks the earth with “Full Frontal Nerdity”. “With this audience, I feel like we can just cut loose” ~ Paul Hawken, Author Four principles of Natural Capitalism: “Use less; Change the materials; Sell services; Create capital mechanisms to heal the future.” ~ Paul Hawken, Author “I …

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Mar 28

From SXSW Interactive, part 2

"Using the New Digital Social Media to Accelerate Sustainability: It's not that being green is expensive, being dirty is too cheap."~ Martin Montero"If you need money ask for advice, if you need advice ask for money."~ Dewey Bushaw "You don't call yourself an artist very much." "No, only to the cops."~ James Powderly on hacker …

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