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Aug 19


TEDxPoynterInstitute August 19, 2014 St. Petersburg, Florida “Two years from now, a person who can’t work across platforms will not find a job in the media.” ~ Mario Garcia, Hearst Digital Media “Sometimes a story is only a quote.” ~ Mario Garcia, Hearst Digital Media “Mobile is the raw meat. Print is the cooked sirloin. …

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Jun 20

Cannes Lions, part 2

Cannes Lions June 15-21, 2014 Cannes, France “Global advertising doesn’t work. It glides past people, isn’t part of their culture, doesn’t touch them.” ~ John Hegarty, BBH London “We are good if our peers think we’re great. But we are great if the real world thinks we’re good.” ~ David Droga, Droga5 “We are on …

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Jun 16

Cannes Lions, part 1

Cannes Lions June 15-21, 2014 Cannes, France “Storytelling has been mankind’s favorite activity, up there with sex and shopping.” ~ as tweeted by Tham Khai Meng “If you visualize data, people start to care.” ~ as tweeted by Ogilvy & Mather “Three steps to riding the zeitgeist: Lead with science, plan for cultural relevance, organise …

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Jun 13

Founders Forum

Founders Forum June 11-13, 2014 London, United Kingdom “You need a culture of hope, not a culture of ‘that’s a stupid idea.’” (on the ideal culture for investing) ~ Ben Horowitz, Andreessen Horowitz “We are looking for an entrepreneur who has uncovered some kind of ‘secret’ that no one else knows.” ~ Ben Horowitz, Andreessen …

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Jun 12


Glimpse Wednesday, June 11, 2014 San Francisco, Californa “The truth is, cats perform better for cat people and dogs perform better for dog people on Facebook.” ~ Will Cathcart, Facebook “Shopping is not a linear process.” ~ Jess Lee, Polyvore “It used to be the social graph, then the interest-graph. Now, with social shopping, it’s …

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