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Apr 15

Ad Age Digital Conference

Ad Age Digital Conference April 14-15, 2015 New York, New York “90% of data is crap—you must understand the context to make it useful.” ~ Julie Fleischer, Kraft “If the outside is moving faster than the inside, the end is near.” (re how Kraft motivated internal change) ~ Julie Fleischer, Kraft “Consumers aren’t buying what …

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Mar 31

4A’s Transformation, part 8

4A’s Transformation Austin, Texas March 22-25, 2105 “I believe Facebook will be the number one video platform.” ~ Jan Rezab, SocialBakers “Spot the doubling patterns, and layer solutions on top of them.” ~ Salim Ismail, Singularity University “The smart phone in your pocket has all the computing power the US Government had in the 1980s.” ~ …

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Mar 30

4A’s Transformation, part 7

4A’s Transformation Austin, Texas March 22-25, 2105 “Native must be transparent and labeled as such EXACTLY.  Make clear disclosures or feel wrath of the FTC.” ~ Chris Hercik, Time Inc. “In a few years, the word programmatic will go away. It’ll just be advertising.” ~ Peter Naylor, Hulu “83% of devices sold last year were mobile …

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Mar 27

4A’s Transformation, part 6

4A’s Transformation Austin, Texas March 22-25, 2105 “This is all about the potential of Programmatic, which is really just a tactic 4 addressability.” ~ Amanda Richman, Starcom “We want to do next year, what those other superbrands took decades to achieve.” ~ Jonathan Mildenhall, Airbnb “A community driven Superbrand… is what we want to be… we …

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Mar 26

4A’s Transformation, part 5

4A’s Transformation Austin, Texas March 22-25, 2105 “Every single person here: agency, client, tech company, is facing the challenge of digital.” ~ Tim Armstrong, AOL “The bear will catch the slowest person, so you better be able to run FAST (and be flexible).” (re the advertising industry) ~ Tim Armstrong, AOL “When agencies split apart …

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