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Feb 26

Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress February 24-27, 2014 Barcelona, Spain “Mobile is the next battleground and emerging economies are the game-changer for mobile.” ~ as tweeted by Forrester Research “Unfair reality is, 1 billion people already on Facebook have most of the wealth in the world.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook “‘Streaming’ is the new ‘having’. The cloud …

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Apr 18

D: Dive Into Mobile

D: Dive Into Mobile April 15-16, 2013 New York, New York “What search is for the web, map is for mobile.” ~ Noam Bardin, Waze “We wear Google Glass all the time, but did not take it to North Korea or Burma. We didn’t want to freak them out. They have guns.” ~ Eric Schmidt, …

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Feb 11

Apps World North America 2013

Apps World North America February 7-8, 2013 San Francisco, California “There are 3 c’s to the user experience: content, community, commerce. Integrate them.” ~ Jennifer Wong, CEO Alt12 Apps “Apps with a backend are simply cooler than apps without one.” ~ Kevin Nickels, CEO FatFractals Inc. “Worldwide revenue from digital content stores are expected to grow 5 …

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Jul 13

MobileBeat 7/12-13/11, San Francisco

"I turned down a third of Apple for $50,000. I regret that."~ Nolan Bushnell, Serial Entrepreneur "Discoverability is a problem. The phone is like the size of a sticky note to display 4 times the number of SKUs available at Walmart."~ Overheard at MobileBeat "The good news is, when you loose your phone you respond …

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Feb 17

Mobile World Congress February 14-17 Barcelona

"'What’s water?'—said one young fish to another young fish. If we (Twitter) can be like the water in that David Foster Wallace story, then all we will see is each other."~ Dick Costolo, CEO Twitter "Once you know how to get water from the tap in the kitchen, you know how to get water from …

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