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Jan 26

IAB Annual Leadership Meeting

IAB Annual Leadership Meeting January 24-26, 2016 Palm Desert, California “Where TV was about place and time, digital is about audience and data.” (re transformation in media) ~ Larry Ellison, Oracle “Oracle has aggregated more data about consumers than any other company in the world.” ~ Larry Ellison, Oracle “Adblocking is a war against diversity …

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Feb 10

Custom Timeline of IAB Annual Leadership Meeting

Best Quotes from #IABALM Enjoy our Custom Timeline of the Best Quotes from #IABALM 2014

Mar 05

IAB Annual Leadership Meeting

IAB Annual Leadership Meeting February 24-26, 2013 Phoenix, Arizona “90% of data was created in past 2 years;” ~ Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight “It’s nice that you no longer have to say you’re either a tech or a media company, we’re all both.” ~ Tim Armstrong, AOL “Publishing into the zeitgeist… something newsrooms know how to …

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Feb 29

IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2012 Favorite Conference Quotes, part 2

Feb 26-29, 2012 Miami "If discrepancies were a company it would be a multi-bilion dollar business."~ Bill Wise, MediaBank "Those who believe that Content is King forget that distribution is King Kong."~ Dave Morgan, Simulmedia "Anybody trying to build a business where the pc is going to beat the tv is going to lose."~ Dave …

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Feb 27

IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2012 Highlights and Favorite Quotes

Feb 26-29, 2012 Miami "Time and Space are dissolving as Presence and Profile emerge."~ Geoffrey Moore, Author "Pinterest is the Jeremy Lin of the Internet."~ Peter Naylor, NBCUniversal "Americans spend more time with media than they do working or sleeping." ~ Susan Jurevics, Sony "The power of a well-told story continues to resonate, despite out …

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