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Feb 25

Wisdom 2.0, part 3

Wisdom 2.0 Conference February 21-24, 2013 San Francisco, California Part 3 “I think we sense that we have touched on something (tech) that has gotten us in over our heads.” ~ Sherry Turkle, Author Alone Together “Technology doesn’t just change what we do—it changes who we are.” ~ Sherry Turkle, Author Alone Together “If we don’t teach our children …

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Oct 10

Health 2.0 Fall Conference Quotes, part 4


October 7-10, 2012  San Francisco "When you don't have long to live, the three little words 'quality of life' mean a whole lot."~ Alexandra Drane, Eliza "Healthcare in the US equals the economy of France… the 5th largest economy in the world!"~ Mark Musco, Muir "It would be nice if our health care system could …

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Oct 09

Health 2.0 Fall Conference Quotes, part 3


October 7-10, 2012  San Francisco "We look at data across platforms, and provide practitioners… what they need to make sound decisions."~ Brian Cusack, Google "We can make accurate predictions about your health… based on Twitter and Facebook and how many sick friends you have."~ Adam Sadilek, Fount.in "We track the health of millions of people …

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Oct 09

Visual Quote – Adam Sadilek at Health 2.0


Oct 09

Health 2.0 Fall Conference Quotes, part 2

October 7-10, 2012  San Francisco "An open platform lets us pick the market leading apps, and breaks down (competitive barriers)."~ Martha Wofford, Aetna "We are trying to create a landscape where your data is relevant, regardless of what happens to platforms in future."~ Sean Nolan, Microsoft "If we don't give people tools to take care …

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