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Oct 14

GreenBiz Innovation Forum 10/11-13 San Francisco

"It's very dangerous to believe that all great ideas are created within your four walls."~ Mark Vachon, GE Ecomagination "Great economics or great environmental performance? We want both." ~ Mark Vachon, GE Ecomagination "You need to slow down to speed up in disruption."~ Dorothea Seebode, Sustainable Innovation Expert "Consumerism isn't inevitable, it's just where we've …

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Apr 21

Green:Net 4/21 San Francisco

"We need a better rallying cry than“If we try really really hard the future is going to suck a little bit less."~ Saul Griffith, Makani Power "We need a proportional quantitative understanding of energy use, for everyone."~ Saul Griffith, Makani Power  "We sell a product that consumers can’t see, touch or smell and if they …

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Apr 08

Fortune Brainstorm Green, 4/4-6 Laguna Niguel, Part 5-Final Morning Panel on “How do you rank?”

"There are 333 production level certifications, and there is a branding race to become the JD Power of this space."~ Adam Lowry, Method "99% of the time, the retailer buyer wants to improve a poorly ranked supplier, rather than just drop them."~ Kevin Dooley, Sustainability Consortium "This isn’t reward/penalty as much as it is best …

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Apr 06

Fortune Brainstorm Green 4/4-6 Laguna Niguel, Part 3

"We haven’t solved a pollution problem anywhere in the world without putting a limit on what can come out."~ Fred Krupp, Environmental Defense Fund "When your company name is Waste Management and all your custermers are talking about is 'Zero Waste', you better think about your business model."~ David Steiner, Waste Management "Any movement is …

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Apr 05

Fortune Brainstorm Green 4/4 Laguna Niguel, Pre Conference Session

"It (sustainability) transformed the nature of the company… what we do and why we do it."~ John Matthews, Diversey "How can you sustain sustainability? Make it systemic. It's easy to be green when everyone is watching, but it takes more than CEO involvement. Having sustainability integrated into your execution is essential."~ Wayne Balta, IBM "I …

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