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Jun 03

Social Innovation Summit Favorite Quotes and Highlights

May 31 2012  New York "Social evolution is happening MUCH faster than genetic evolution in humans today."~ Dr. Craig Venter, Genome Scientist "Identical twins have different fingerprints even though they have identical genetic code."~ Dr. Craig Venter, Genome Scientist "You can't be a scientist & not be an optimist. Otherwise you wouldn't even do the …

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May 28

Paid Content: At the Crossroads Highlights and Favorite Quotes, Part 1

May 23, 2012 New York "If content is going to remain king, we have got to innovate."~ Bob Sauerberg, Conde Nast "30% of ads sold this year were with no human intervention."~ John Paxton, WordPress "Saying blogging is dead is like saying creativity and personal expression is dead."~ Matt Mullenweg, Automattic "One thing I have …

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Mar 08

Signal P&G Highlights and Favorite Quotes, part 3

Mar 8, 2012 Cincinnati "We are taking a super-patient approach to our business model… our revenues are the last thing I worry about."~ Dick Costolo, Twitter "From the ridiculous to the sublime, we have stories pouring into us about bringing people closer."~ Dick Costolo, Twitter "Closer to ________________what?…our users always fill in the blanks for …

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Feb 03

World Economic Forum 1/25-29/12 Davos Switzerland, Part 2

"The distance between the impossible and possible is shrinking."~ Kishore Mahbubani, National University of Singapore "We have heard about a bank being too big to fail, but now we risk hearing about people being too small to matter."~ Thorning-Schmidt, Denmark Prime Minister "Last year G7 became obsolete. Now we have G20. To me, it looks like …

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Jan 30

World Economic Forum 1/25-29/12 Davos Switzerland, Part 1

"Companies can’t fake positive social impact."~ Duncan Niederauer, NYSE "In the EU We have to be competitive & prosperous, otherwise, we are just a very nice place to visit."~ Angela Merkel, German Chancelor "There’s too much Euro Pessimism in the world and my goal is to balance it with Asian Optimism."~ Kishore Mahbubani, National University …

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