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Sep 13

MWC Americas, part 1

Mobile World Congress Americas September 12-14, 2017 San Francisco, California “It is still Day One in the conversational/ChatBot world.” ~ Ram Menon, Avaamo “A conversational AI should (in the future) be able to perform judgement tasks.” ~ Ram Menon, Avaamo “We are moving to something more conversational and engaging.” ~ Rob High, IBM Watson “Like …

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Jul 12

Signal P&G

Signal P&G July 12, 2017 Cincinnati, Ohio “We built this city…We built this city with 1’s and 0’s.” ~ SY Lau, Tencent “Innovation is creativity made into something.” ~ Leonard Savage “Innovation needs to be designed through the eyes of the consumer.” ~ Tim Mahoney, GM “If you’re a market leader, get comfortable with people …

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Jun 26

Cannes Lions, part 5

Cannes Lions June 17-24, 2017 Cannes, France “There has never been a better time to see your brand experience, end to end, from digital to (storytelling).” ~ John Rudaizky, E&Y “We were struggling… we decided to become the first ‘purpose-driven bank’ in the US. We decided to launch a movement for financial well being.” ~ …

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Jun 23

Cannes Lions, part 4

Cannes Lions June 17-24, 2017 Cannes, France “Young people say “Don’t put a label on me!” This (defying labels) is the future-get used to it.” ~ Sir Ian McKellen “Coming out was the best career move I ever made—(I became) ‘Gandalf the Gay’.” ~ Sir Ian McKellen “Gandalf is 7000 years old, his sexuality is …

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Jun 23

Cannes Lions, part 3

Cannes Lions June 17-24, 2017 Cannes, France Quotes from Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP: “We grew by acquisition, (but) I believe uni-branded companies that are organically ground… are easier.” “It’s a bit like insulting the host, but (in Cannes) we pay for the dinner (along with others).” “We welcome the breadth of Cannes Lions—it defines creativity …

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