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Apr 27

NewCo Boston

NewCo Boston April 27, 2016 Boston, Massachusetts “In the cloud, we give away little bits of ourselves everyday.” ~ Norman Guadagno, Carbonite “Companies spend $14 on advertising for every $1 that they spend on understanding their customers.” ~ Howard Kogan, C Space “One of the most significant technology events in the last 10 years… Amazon …

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Apr 20

IEG 2016

IEG 2016 April 17-20, 2016 Chicago, Illinois “Millennials want to know what a brand stands for. Humanizing brands is a huge opportunity.” ~ Chris Brandt, Taco Bell “Taco Bell targets 20-year-olds. Why? Because, who doesn’t want to be in their 20’s. It’s a mindset.” ~ Chris Brandt, Taco Bell “Millennials don’t want to be sold …

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Mar 19

SXSW Interactive—VR Startups panel

SXSW Interactive March 11-15, 2016 Austin, Texas “Magic Leap has 1.3B in investment with no product and no customer yet.” ~ Robert Scoble, Rackspace “It is beyond entertainment, because there are lots of applications that will make it meaningful.” ~ Shawn Dubravac, Consumer Technology Association “How are we going to create volumetric capture–for citizen journalism, …

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Mar 17

SXSW Interactive, part 5

SXSW Interactive March 11-15, 2016 Austin, Texas “We think about hiring missionaries not mercenaries.” ~ Louis Beryl, Earnest “You have to be very clear about your story as a company and communicate it over and over again.” ~ Jini Kim, Nuna Health @NewCo #purposepanel “People work better and are happier when they feel like the …

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Mar 16

SXSW Interactive, part 4

SXSW Interactive March 11-15, 2016 Austin, Texas “What seems science fiction today becomes a reality. These ideas can inspire new futures—new realities.” ~ Phil Balagatas, GE Aviation “It’s easy to think about the next thing, but what will this look like 10 years down the road.” ~ Jordan Presnick. Big Tomorrow “We are increasingly technologically …

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