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Nov 11

4A’s CreateTech, part 1

4A’s CreateTech Nov 11–12, 2015 New York, New York “User experience is more than just a screen.” ~ Daniel Perlin, Droga5 “The new generation of millennial consumers are ‘cybrids’ and have a fully symbiotic relationship with technology.” ~ Erica Orange, The Future Hunters “Users have a secret love affair. The intimacy of applications through UX that …

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Nov 18

Gigaom Roadmap Invisible Design

Gigaom Roadmap Invisible Design November 18–19, 2014 San Francisco, California “I’m tired of plugged in things—they are like my pets—I have to feed them.” ~ John Maeda, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers “If the Beatles could last forever, they wouldn’t have been that great.” (on the eventual decay of companies like Apple) ~ John Maeda, …

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May 09

The One Show – Creative Week NYC

The One Show – Creative Week NYC May 5-9, 2014 New York, New York “Whether you know hardware or not, I bet you are thinking about this (the physical-digital world).” ~ Andrew Zolty, Breakfast “It is very easy to hack a toaster–it is not so easy to make a toaster.” ~ Andrew Zolty, Breakfast “Advertising …

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Jan 20

DLD (Digital-Life-Design)

DLD (Digital-Life-Design) January 19-21, 2014 München, Germany ‎ “Privacy is a fundamental human right. It is one of the key tools we have to defend against larger powers.” ~ Frank Rieger, Chaos Computer Club “I am quite certain that the most dangerous company value is a lack of honesty about reality of situation.” ~ Jason …

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Nov 06

Gigaom RoadMap, part 5

Gigaom RoadMap November 5 -6, 2013 San Francisco, CA “It is scary to be hanging like a thread—to maintain current code, while re-writing everything to keep up with demand.” ~ Sean Rad, Tinder “There are a lot of areas where this double opt in (approach) can enhance our marketplace experience.” ~ Sean Rad, Tinder “We …

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