Jan 11

CES Digital Health Summit, part 2

CES Digital Health Summit
January 10-11, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada

I have “wireless” in my blood, but I also have two much sugar in my blood (Diabetes)—WellDoc brings those two together!
~ Anand Iyar, WellDoc

“32% of people in the Middle East have Diabetes! This is a global pandemic.”
~ Anand Iyar, WellDoc

“The space shuttle never flew without a pilot, but the machines tracked the millions of variables. Managing chronic disease is like that.“
~ Anand Iyar, WellDoc

“The blockbuster drug of the century is the engaged patient.”
~ Anand Iyar, WellDoc

“Half of the United States lives with a chronic disease.”
~ Chris Van Hoof, imec

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“Maybe an app a day will keep the doctor away, instead of the apple.”
~ Chris Van Hoof, imec

“Alexa and Google Home represent a Trojan horse opportunity to improve health.”
~ Derek Mathers, Worrell

“I think sleep is the number one under-appreciated health problem in the US.”
~ Dr. Oz

“93 Million Americans are not getting enough sleep.”
~ Dr. Oz

“The biggest issue in our workplace isn’t absenteeism, it’s ‘presentee-ism.’ When they show up to work and they’re just not there.”
~ Dr. Oz

Conference Link: CES Digital Health Summit