Nov 29

Business Insider – IGNITION, part 1

Business Insider – IGNITION
November 29-30, 2017
New York, New York

“You need new, fresh products that are different ideas that people haven’t seen before, but you also should benefit from franchises that people love and candidly continue to consume.”
~ Bob Bakish, Viacom

(Re Fake News): “We’re upset about it. We’re taking it seriously. Quality journalism matters. We don’t want false news on Facebook. We’re going after trolls and fake accounts. You have to be a real person on Facebook. Our AI is getting better. We’re giving quality news organizations a bigger presence, e.g. logos.”
~ Dan Rose, Facebook

“The economics of connectedness overwhelm the economics of content.”
~ Bharat Anand, Harvard Business School

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“The culture is changing… meaningfully… by the minute… thanks to the women who are finding the courage.”
~ Megyn Kelly, NBC News

“Powerful women need to be there for less powerful women, so they can then become powerful women.” (on reporting sexual assault in the workplace)
~ Megyn Kelly, NBC News

“In the era of Trump, you might as well stand on the edge of the Pacific and scream at the top of your lungs… to no avail.”(on why she took herself out of the political journalism mix)
~ Megyn Kelly, NBC News

(Re Matt Lauer): “I had heard rumors about Matt, but that’s all… I hear a lot of rumors about myself that aren’t true.”
~ Megyn Kelly, NBC News