Nov 10

4A’s CreateTech, part 2

4A’s CreateTech
November 9, 2017
Los Angeles, California

New Vocab word from Joel Sucherman, NPR: “Futts” for the frustrating ‘failed utterance’ when Alexa fails to understand you.

“If you thought discovery was hard before, it’s even more challenging now. Having a strong brand is a key to success”
~ Winston Binch, Deutsch

“There hasn’t been a family gathered around a radio in decades – but now there are devices in homes that made audio social again.”
~ Joel Sucherman, NPR

“We’re witnessing an intelligent revolution. Algorithms are designed, it’s not just numbers and 0s. It’s human centered, emotion and empathy. That’s the revolution we’re seeing.”
~ Karin Giefer, frog

“Computers are useless. They only give you answers.” – Pablo Picasso
~ as tweeted by Natalie Straight

“Our jobs will continue to exist, but knowledge will be completely democratized, leveling the playing field.”
~ Karin Giefer, frog

“Snapchat is an unencumbered sense of who you are.”
~ Jeff Miller, Snap

Visual Quote:

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“The mobile attention span for advertising is 5 seconds flat.”
~ Jeff Miller, Snap

“People don’t just tolerate Snapchat ads, they play with them.”
~ Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins

“The best game designers make you think that you can do anything, while really you can only do about five things.” (on architecting chat and AI processes)
~ Ricky Bacon, Critical Mass

“To market AI, find a proxy rather than use the words.”
~ Kelly Nyland, Technology Marketing Executive

“If it’s useful, it’s not creepy.” (with A.I. Power comes great responsibility)
~ as tweeted by Joe Baratelli

“Fiction has a few years ahead of science in terms of AI.”
~ Natalie Prout, Phenomenon

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