Nov 09

4A’s CreateTech, part 1

4A’s CreateTech
November 9, 2017
Los Angeles, California

“Many companies are on the linear path to doom.” (by not thinking exponentially)
~ Ari Popper, SciFuture

“You only learn by doing. Get your hands dirty. Try writing for Alexa or Cortana. Much like the dawn of the web, this is the dawn of voice.”
~ Winston Binch, Deutsch

“Innovation is like jazz… requires a lot of listening.”
~ as tweeted by 4A’s

“When these devices know us emotionally, what will that mean for us as a species?”
~ Ari Popper, SciFuture

“The future is going to be our having one device, one AI that we are going to trust.”
~ Ari Popper, SciFuture

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“We are going to have ubiquitous super-computing upon demand.”
~ Ari Popper, SciFuture

“VR is a tool for us to hack the brain.”
~ Ari Popper, SciFuture

“We desperately need better stories. If we want to have better futures, we need to have better dreams.”
~ Ed Finn, Crowd Futures

“I do think machines will have emotions… that alone should freak us all out.”
~ Ari Popper, SciFuture

“We can’t overstate the importance of this moment of time. All of a sudden tens of millions of new “radios” have shown up in people’s homes.”
~ Joel Sucherman, NPR

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