Oct 18

WSJ D.Live, part 1

WSJ D.Live
Laguna Beach, California
October 16–18, 2017

“Every tech company believes it’s their manifest destiny to own the digital assistant.”
~ Michael J. Wolf, Activate

“The benefit of having scarce resources as an entrepreneur, is that you have to learn how to be efficient.”
~ Bill Ackman, Pershing Square Capital Management

“Tech firms may have never seen regulation they liked, but—too bad—more is coming.”
~ Barry Diller, IAC

“If you want to be optimistic about the world, you hang out with venture capitalists.”
~ Bill Ackman, Pershing Square Capital Management

“Every company must be an AI company.”
~ Brian Krzanich, Intel

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“Even with all the hype, ride-sharing still makes up only 1 tenth of 1% of total miles traveled.”
~ Dan Ammann, GM

“The phone is just an AR stepping stone, until glasses and other tech make it more seamless.”
~ John Hanke, Niantic

“From the beginning of time, incumbents never invented anything. They just watched and acquired what competed with them.”
~ Barry Diller, IAC

“If you want a company to innovate, they’ve got to be on their own melting ice cube.”
~ Barry Diller, IAC

“Everybody and their mother is trying to do video, often defensively. Only Amazon and Netflix are doing it well.”
~ Barry Diller, IAC

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