Sep 13

MWC Americas, part 1

Mobile World Congress Americas
September 12-14, 2017
San Francisco, California

“It is still Day One in the conversational/ChatBot world.”
~ Ram Menon, Avaamo

“A conversational AI should (in the future) be able to perform judgement tasks.”
~ Ram Menon, Avaamo

“We are moving to something more conversational and engaging.”
~ Rob High, IBM Watson

“Like a conversation with a person, I want to come away inspired (by a conversational bot).”
~ Rob High, IBM Watson

“15% of WSJ daily users are consuming content on Facebook Messenger.”
~ Anand Chandrasekaran, Facebook

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“Consumers often interact with #AI without knowing it. It’s powering your virtual assistant, creating email subj lines from brands.”
~ as tweeted by Adobe Experience Cloud

“(Our) virtual assistant becomes an easier interface for your customers to engage with you.”
~ Ashwin Ram, Alexa

“You can get a (preliminary) Zika diagnosis via 11 questions in Facebook messenger.”
~ Anand Chandrasekaran, Facebook

“Conversation is probably the hardest AI problem I know.”
~ Ashwin Ram, Alexa

“We all leave a digital footprint. There is a virtual you. We need to think about how we get back ownership of the virtual me and virtual you.”
~ Angela Shen-Hsieh, Telefonica

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