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Distributed: Health

Distributed: Health
September 25-26, 2017
Nashville, Tennessee

“Patient data value is 20% higher than financial data on the dark web.”
~ as tweeted by Phil Misiowiec

“There’s an opportunity to take care of every man, woman, and child from birth to death for about half of what we spend now.”
~ as tweeted by Kirti Patel

“One third of US healthcare dollars are wasted. Huge opportunity for blockchain.”
~ Harold Paz, Aetna

“Significant opportunity to utilize wasted money into innovation for better care.”
~ Harold Paz, Aetna

“In healthcare, new ‘innovations’ have taken 17 years to become pervasive in the sector.”
~ as tweeted by Ed Dodds

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“Public health has a model similar to blockchain: connection of peers, work together, and don’t necessarily trust eachother.”
~ Jim Nasr, Center for Disease Control

“Apparently GDPR is the EU’s ‘HIPAA on steroids.'”
~ as tweeted by Kirti Patel

“Only 9 states and a handful of countries are blockchain friendly currently, but number and competition is growing.”
~ John Wagster, Frost Brown Todd

“In the future, every person will have her own blockchain.” (anonymous visitor hyping too far)
~ as tweeted by Vasja Bocko

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