Sep 27

Advertising Week NY, part 2

Advertising Week NY
September 25-29, 2017
New York, New York

“Groups that weren’t in health, now are: fashion, transportation, tech (obviously).”
~ Michele Marcus, Omnicom

“Can we all agree to kill the click through rate.”
~ Steven Wolfe Pereira, Quantcast

“It’s no longer good enough for marketers to focus on demand generation. They have to focus on the whole experience.”
~ Andy Main, Deloitte Digital

“Conversational data is richer and more actionable”
~ Arte Merritt, Dashbot

“Potential is evenly distributed. Opportunity is not.” (on talent and the culture of accountability)
~ Keesha Jean-Baptiste, 4A’s

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“Twitter is the one place that I learn something and laugh everyday.”
~ Jozen Cummings, Bleacher Report

“People’s priority on who they work for is people, planet, and then profit.”
~ Simon Mulcahy, Salesforce

“There’s no reason I should be served an ad that doesn’t directly address what I need.” (on data & personalization)
~ Dr.Oz

“Tech has leapfrogged what marketers are asking it to do. Marketers just need to know what they want.”
Mo Rhim, Paramount Pictures

“Digital marketing is redundant. Everything in marketing is digital these days.”
~ Trisha Nichols, EsteeLauder

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