Sep 26

Advertising Week NY, part 1

Advertising Week NY
September 25-29, 2017
New York, New York

“Emotion and A.I. are going to be a huge part of advertising’s re-brand.”
~ as tweeted by MEC Ideas

“73% of Millennials want brands to show them that they matter.”
Melanie Shreffler, Cassandra

“Brands need to show Millennials they are human beings, not just a number.”
~ as tweeted by Ellie Schering

“Content is king, but context is King Kong.”
~ as tweeted by Deloitte Digital

“Cognitive is the path to a real, lasting competitive advantage and lasting customer relationships.”
~ Maria Winans, IBM Watson

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“People skip ads but they don’t skip experiences. We’re helping partners figure out how to channel those emotions”
~ Melissa Barnes, Twitter

“It’s taken a while to get here, but brands are finally seeing purpose as a valuable asset.”
~ Jesse McMillin, Lyft

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable. We’ve done a lot of work making sure teams feel safe enough to take risks.”
~ Allie Kline, Oath

“Brands are curators in an era when there’s so much information coming at you.”
~ as tweeted by A. Bright Idea

“Every company is starting to look at health as an entre-point for their business.”
~ Michele Marcus, Omnicom

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