Jul 12

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July 12, 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio

“We built this city…We built this city with 1’s and 0’s.”
~ SY Lau, Tencent

“Innovation is creativity made into something.”
~ Leonard Savage

“Innovation needs to be designed through the eyes of the consumer.”
~ Tim Mahoney, GM

“If you’re a market leader, get comfortable with people copying your great ideas, and keep innovating!”
~ Imran Khan, Snapchat

“There’s no pride in working for a company that copies others’ products.”
~ Imran Khan, Snapchat

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“You don’t even know about start-ups about to disrupt you. So empower internal teams to be entrepreneurs.”
~ Elle Shelly

“Innovation starts where change is happening… in the marketplace.”
Beth Comstock, GE

“If you’re not feeling uncomfortable, you are not paying attention.”
~ David Taylor, P&G

“AI will create new org models. It will disrupt our entire ecosystem.”
~ SY Lau, Tencent

“Alexa is the greatest Trojan horse ever. We’re putting them everywhere telling them everything.”
~ Terry Kawaja, LUMA Partners