Jun 23

Cannes Lions, part 3

Cannes Lions
June 17-24, 2017
Cannes, France

Quotes from Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP:

“We grew by acquisition, (but) I believe uni-branded companies that are organically ground… are easier.”

“It’s a bit like insulting the host, but (in Cannes) we pay for the dinner (along with others).”

“We welcome the breadth of Cannes Lions—it defines creativity in a more modern way than Don Draper would.”

“With the industry facing these challenges, I don’t think this (Cannes) is the right format.”

“This year we have 500 people here—last year we had 1000.”

Visual Quote:

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“I don’t think boycotting Cannes is the right thing—our associates love it, our clients love it.”

“We would like all 200,000 people in our organization to know what all the others know.”

“There are (alternate Cannes Lions) locations like New York or London. (I’m agnostic) on Paris, Berlin, or elsewhere, but I think it (Cannes Lions) can be done differently, and can be done better.”

“Every organization we deal with, including our own, is going through major technological and structural change. (CannesLions) should be no different.”

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