Jun 19

Cannes Lions Health

Cannes Lions Health
June 17-18, 2017
Cannes, France

“Cannes as a platform allows us to experience creativity from across different disciplines.”
~ Jeremy Perrott, McCann Health

“We are (collectively) investing a Billion dollars annually in genomic medicine.”
~ Joann Saitta, Omnicom

“Our vision is to unlock the power of the Genome. The genome is the software code of life..it has bugs., but they can get fixed.”
~ Paula Dowdy, Illumina

“The willingness to share personal (health) data is now over 60%.”
~ Paula Dowdy, Illumina

“We are at the knee of the curve of human genome sequencing.”
~ Mary Ann Belliveau, Twitter

“Tech-empowered people equal tech-empowered patients.”
~ Elizabeth Elfenbein, The Bloc

“People aged 65 and over fear losing their independence more than death itself.”
~ Tom Rhodes, HAP

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“Old Age is no longer the end of life, it’s the prime of life.”
~ Robert Zirkelbach, PhRMA

“By 2050, adults 60+ will outnumber every other cohort, by 3 times.”
~ Belle Frank, Y&R

“We all remember when healthcare used to be a personal relationship business.”
~ Meredith Guerrero, Facebook Health

“A million people a day are going on line for the first time. 14 new people activate on mobile, every single second. Within the first year of a child’s life, a mom’s use of Facebook usage goes up 348%.”
~ Meredith Guerrero, Facebook Health

“88% of people use at least one health device.” (quoting Mary Meeker)
~ Meredith Guerrero, Facebook Health

“In a time of universal deceit, speaking the truth is revolutionary.”
~ Colleen Decourcey, BBDO

“VR is a powerful tool for engaging patients cognitively. VR can help awareness, adherence, assessments and interventions.”
~ Walter Greenleaf, Stanford

“VR can activate Neuroplastic change, shorten feedback loops, and leverage mirror neuron systems.”
~ Walter Greenleaf, Stanford

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