May 23

LUMA’s Digital Media Summit

LUMA’s Digital Media Summit
May 23, 2017
New York, New York

“Ad industry on inevitable march away from proxy metrics, like impressions to selling on business outcomes.”
~ Terence Kawaja, Luma Partners

“(Amazon taking on Google & Facebook) Amazon is playing a different game, knows exactly what you bought and what you will buy.”
~ Terence Kawaja, Luma Partners

“In venture, the return for being early is exactly the same as being wrong.”
~ Terence Kawaja, Luma Partners

“10 yrs ago, 5 most valuable firms in world were oil co’s, now top 5 are tech co’s powered by massive amounts of data. ” (Data = New Oil)
~ as tweeted by Kerry Morris

“We’re in the disillusionment phase of Artificial Intelligence. We’re going to move to amazement soon.”
~ Brian Andersen, Luma Partners

“Mobile is the new endcap.”
~ as tweeted by Martin Nisenholtz

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“You’re not wandering through life waiting to be delighted and surprised by a mobile advertisement.”
~ as tweeted by Hulu Insights

“Make yourself profitable, control your destiny… investor sentiment comes and goes on waves.”
~ as tweeted by Kelly Hoey

“If you build a profitable company… you’ll have lots of options.”
~ as tweeted by Kelly Hoey

“Good companies don’t get sold, they get bought.” (Winners’ Circle panel)
~ Lorne Brown, SintecMedia

“I want to talk buyers not breathers.”
~ Mike Sands, Signal

“Software is eating the world, but Artificial Intelligence is eating software.” (quoted at the Luma Summit)
~ as tweeted by Jim Anderson

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