Apr 03

4A’s Transformation, part 1

4A’s Transformation
April 2-5, 2017
Los Angeles, California

“Your career will begin where your comfort zone ends.”
~ Denise Wong, George P. Johnson

“There’s no such thing as absolute value. We depend on context and comparison to make buying decisions.”
~ Tim Williams, Ignition Consulting Group

“Support is the single greatest gift you can give. Fear has absolutely no place in your organization.”
~ Melissa Healy, The Abundancy

“How would you #hashtag the Mona Lisa?”
~ David Berkowitz, Sysomos

“There is a huge visual data gap in how we currently track and analyze social media.”
~ David Berkowitz, Sysomos

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“The promise of data is, (does it) give insights that substantially change direction of (our marketing)?”
~ Susan Noonan, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

“I think it’s healthy to have Snapchat grow and be a competitor to Google and Facebook.”
~ Michael Roth, IPG

“I actually had to sit down with my granddaughter and have her show me how to use Snapchat.”
~ Michael Roth, IPG

“When there is a duopoly in digital media, you always root for someone else to keep them honest.”
~ Michael Roth, IPG

“The lack of female leadership in this industry is almost embarrassing.”
~ Michael Roth, IPG

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