Mar 16

SXSW Interactive, part 4

SXSW Interactive
March 10-14, 2017
Austin, Texas

“There is a lot of talk about putting the patient first, but it is (often) within the existing framework.”
~ Alex Hurd, Walmart

“If you want to put patients first, go where they are—the grocery store.”
~ Alex Hurd, Walmart

“It can be both about shared value and about share value.”
~ Elliot Kotek, The Nation of Artists

After graduate school—I got involved with Quantified Self—we are not all weirdos”
~ Ernesto Ramirez, Fitibase

“Contrary to what I learned in public health, individualized solutions may be as valuable as generalized.”
~ Ernesto Ramirez, Fitibase

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“We have taken an approach of radical honesty, rather than radical protection of data.”
~ Brian M Bot, Sage BioScience

“Those of us working in augmenting humanity today are continuing a tradition that is 10s of 1000s of years old.”
~ Tan Le, Emotiv

“More than 2 Billion people worldwide suffer from some sort of brain related illness.”
~ Tan Le, Emotiv

“Your identity resides in multiple places. We are already augmented.”
~ Heather Vescent, Futurist

“The people on the ground are crying out for Uber, but in the sessions, it’s getting its ass kicked on the morals.”
~ as tweeted by Molly Wood

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