Mar 11

SXSW Interactive, part 1

SXSW Interactive
March 10-14, 2017
Austin, Texas

“Soon, 1 person every 33 seconds will develop Alzheimer’s.”
~ Roxanne Kunz, Amgen

“Healthcare is the biggest personal finance issue in the country.”
~ David Vivero, Amino

“Your microbiome is your internal pharmacy: produces hormones,proteins, etc… it’s your backup system.”
~ Martha Carlin, Biocollective

“The 20th century taught us, a good bacteria is a dead bacteria.”
~ Jack Gilbert, Argonne Natl Lab

“The Microbiome is in the news, almost as much as trump.”
~ Sandra Blakeslee, NY Times

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“The immune system evolved to manage the microbial interactions in our body.”
~ Jack Gilbert, Argonne Natl Lab

“We are started to take ecology and put it into medicine—I started as a butterfly expert.”
~ Jack Gilbert, Argonne Natl Lab

“What we have done to our external environment is coming home to roost in our internal environment.”
~ Martha Carlin, Biocollective

“Every hour, each of us puts out 35 million bacterial cells—think Pig Pen.”
~ Jack Gilbert, Argonne Natl Lab

“Point solutions to systemic problems wont work.”
~ Martha Carlin, Biocollective

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