Feb 09

NewCo Bay Area Festival

NewCo Bay Area Festival
February 6-9, 2017
San Francisco, California

“I’m all about push notifications—I should never expect you to come to our website.”
~ Sam Parr, The Hustle

“We kind of ignore Snapchat, because Instagram Stories is filling that need.”
~ Sam Parr, The Hustle

“Did we A/B test our voice until it worked? No, we just went with what we thought was a natural voice (for us.)”
~ Sam Parr, The Hustle

“If you are selling to company of hundreds of people, there are probably 6-7 decision makers to reach.”
~ Sahili Jain, AdStage

Your audience lives everywhere—not just in their inbox.”
~ Sahili Jain, AdStage

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“Kiosk is a four letter word.” (the bar has been raised for experience design)
~ Darren David, Stimulant

“There are 55M freelances—by 20-20 it will be 40% of the US Workforce.”
~ Kate Kendall, CloudPeeps

“Change is just beginning. How we think about work, itself, and how we value work, will change.”
~ Brian David Johnson, Author/Futurist

“Subscription will be the future of high quality journalism.”
~ Alexis Ohanian, Reddit

“The future is local—there is not just one future.”
~ Brian David Johnson, Author/Futurist

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