Feb 15

Code Media

Code Media
February 13-14, 2017
Dana Point, California

“I think its great for the music business for there to be competition and for subscribers to grow. That is what we’re doing.”
~ Eddy Cue, Apple

“I tell directors: I guarantee your movie will be seen, but I’m not guaranteeing how it will be seen.”
~ Jason Blum, Blumhouse Productions

“There would be no American food without immigrants.”
~ Marcus Samuelsson, Chef

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“The alternative to facts is not alternative facts. It’s fiction.”
~ Marty Baron, The Washington Post

“Sometimes we are going to build products that are inspired by other platforms.” (re: Snapchat similarities)
~ Dan Rose, Facebook

“We’re taking a huge bet on Pinterest in 2017.”
~ Philippe von Borries, Refinery29

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