Jan 09

CES, part 3

Consumer Electronics Show
January 5-8, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Power to the people!—lack of data is disempowering.”
~ Dave deBronkart, Author

“Big data is a means, not an end.”
~ Mick Farrell, ResMed

“I am a medical data nudist—anyone can look at anything of mine, if it will help….”
~ Dave deBronkart, Author

“Can you make up low quantity of sleep with high quality sleep? Yes.”
~ Dr. Mehmet Oz

“Meditation is like high octane gas in your tank—I’m not sure what everyone doesn’t do it.”
~ Dr. Mehmet Oz

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“People don’t change based on what they know—they change based on what they feel.”
~ Dr. Mehmet Oz

“Healthcare data doubles every two years. By 2020, it will double every 73 days.”
~ Michael Nova, Pathway Genomics”

“The idea is to take your electronic health records and then tell you what to eat.”
~ Michael Nova, Pathway Genomics”

“Calendars used to be quarterly, and now they are weekly!”
~ Debra Puchalla, Food Network

“Planning for failure in social is really easy, you just stop doing it… planning for success, especially when you have moderate success, is challenging.”
~ Pete Spande, Business Insider

“The idea of doing quality serialized live programming on Twitter is very exciting to us.”
~ Gregory Gittrich, Mashable

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