Jan 06

CES, part 2

Consumer Electronics Show
January 5-8, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Sleep deprivation has been linked to 7 of the top 15 leading causes of death.”
~ Digital Health Summit

“We are gong to talk about the number 1 under-reported health issue in our country—sleep!”
~ Dr. Mehmet Oz

“Based on our objective data—21% sleep fewer than 5 hours, and 79% sleep fewer than 7 hours.”
~ Dr. Mehmet Oz

“30 minutes of exercise provides the greatest increase in sleep—14 minutes.”
~ Dr. Mehmet Oz

“Smart led lights, that lack melatonin reducing frequencies,  can increase sleep by 12 minutes a night.”
~ Dr. Mehmet Oz

Visual Quote:

“America’s sleep score is 77, but 30% of our population has a score below 55.”
~ Dr. Mehmet Oz

“We can make America sleep again.”
~ Dr. Mehmet Oz

“Not all sleep is equal. There is such a thing as junk sleep.”
~ Pete Bils, Sleep Number

What interferes with sleep?  “People are too committed to their commitments to other people.”
~ Dave deBronkart, Author

“71% of people who went to their doctor last year were not even asked about sleep!”
~ Pete Bils, Sleep Number

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