Jan 06

CES, part 1

Consumer Electronics Show
January 5-8, 2017
Las Vegas, Nevada

“We are providing a layer of location data that empowers (more and more marketing).”
~ Steve Rosenblatt, Foursquare

“The closed nature of the systems is going to be a challenge.” (On marketing in a world of digital assistants)
~ Pete Blackshaw, Nestlé

For our CES session: “We went to who does content best—the entertainment industry.”
~ Penry Price, LinkedIn

“What is the average length of a top 10 video on YouTube—2.5 minutes!”
~ Rich Greenfield, BTIG

“These platforms that we have consistent relationships with—Netflix, Facebook, etc—they are rising in their power.”
~ Rich Greenfield, BTIG

Visual Quote:

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“The platforms are creating their own content and disrupting the ecosystem.”
~ Rich Greenfield, BTIG

“I see a huge leverage shift—if you an embed early with content you can (benefit).”
~ Ben Silverman, Propagate Content

“The magic of creating a show is often left (at brands) to people who have never done it.”
~ Ben Silverman, Propagate Content

“You are going to have to do content as a marketer, because you (as a brand marketer) aren’t going to have a choice.”
~ Ben Silverman, Propagate Content

“The name of the game with new technologies is to make them disappear.” (Via great design)
~ from LaFrenchTech Event

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