Nov 09

4A’s CreateTech, part 1

4A’s CreateTech
November 9-10, 2016
New York, New York

“‘The odds are that she will win’ is MUCH different than ‘she will win’. We do have plane crashes, even though odds are against them.” (on Trump data miss)
~ Marian Salzman, Havas

“The only glasses that will be cracking in the next four years are the rose colored glasses.”
~ Marian Salzman, Havas

“Michelle Obama is maybe the most powerful brand in the world… but (you can’t play that brand) in politics.”
~ Belle Frank, Young & Rubicam

“The single biggest barrier to change is the mental model you already have.”
~ Catherine Hays, Wharton Future of Adv Program

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“We just assumed, we didn’t ask them. Data doesn’t account for passion.”
~ Marian Salzman, Havas

“The bar for customer experience is always set by your last great experience (e.g. amazon prime).”
~ Catherine Hays, Wharton Future of Adv Program

“Apps are not really a good way to reach people, as we each only spend time in about five of them.”
~ as tweeted by STRATACACHE

“VR started as a darpa project for training marines.”
~ Joanna Peña-Bickley, IBM iX

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