Oct 27


Octiber 24-26, 2016
Laguna Beach, California

“I believe that in 10 years, car ownership will be irrelevant. You’ll have a mileage plan instead of a minutes plan.”
~ John Zimmer, Lyft

“At Netflix, we are competing for our customers’ time, so our competitors include Snapchat, YouTube, sleep, etc.”
~ Reed Hastings, Netflix

“We need more centrist, sane, non-partisan news.”
~ Shane Smith, VICE

(Is Facebook a media company?) “Facebook is a platform for all ideas.”
~ Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook

“Every new product that seems magical will be tied to machine intelligence.”
~ Steve Jurvetson, DFJ

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“People spend on average, 37,000 hours of their lifetime in their cars.”
~ Ginni Rometty, IBM

“It’s one of the strangest experiments ever run—handing billions of dollars to unicorns that have no capex.”
~ Bill Gurley, Benchmark

“Smart speakers could become the most important new product category since the smart phone.”
~ Michael Wolf, Activate

“We think of ourselves as ‘alchemists’ at Netflix. We take in money and we create joy.”
~ Reed Hastings, Netflix

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