Jul 21

Signal P&G, part 2

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Signal P&G
July 20, 2016
Cincinnati, Ohio

“America is an angry country. Firing people on TV, Survivor throwing people off islands…even the birds are angry.”
~ Mark Penn, Stagwell Group

“You need AI, and AI needs you.”
~ Jana Eggers, Nara Logics

“The light bulb didn’t replace the sun.” (comparing Artificial Intelligence to artificial light)
~ Jana Eggers, Nara Logics

Visual Quote:
W. Edwards Deming Quote at #SignalPG
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“Robots are extroverts. Algorithms are introverts.”
~ Jana Eggers, Nara Logics

“Desktop is the new newspaper, all our customers are on mobile.”
~ Henrik Werdelin, Bark & Co

“We will move from mobile-first to AI-first.”
~ Sundar Pichai, Google