Jun 02

Code Conference

Code Conference
May 31-June 2, 2016
Rancho Palos Verdes, California

“When we win a Golden Globe—it helps us sell more shoes.”
~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon

“An independent media is more important now than ever because public figures are richer, more powerful”
~ Nick Denton, Independent Journalist

“We will no longer think about vehicles sold, but total vehicle miles driven.” (re cars as a service)
~ Mark Fields, Ford

“We should be able to launch people to Mars in 2024.”
~ Elon Musk, Tesla/SpaceX

“Mars is most likely to be a direct democracy, where potential for corruption is diminished.”
~ Elon Musk, Tesla/SpaceX

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Jeff Bezos at #CodeCon
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“I don’t think it’s the finest moment in our democracy.” (re the presidential campaign)
~ Elon Musk, Tesla/SpaceX

“I’m not against AI, but I don’t believe that all AI futures are benign.”
~ Elon Musk, Tesla/SpaceX

“Google won’t compete head-on with Tesla, but Apple will—but they’re too late.”
~ Elon Musk, Tesla/SpaceX

“There are so many announcements of autonomous startups, I’m waiting for my Mom to announce one!”
~ Elon Musk, Tesla/SpaceX

“He’s very worried about it… thinks it’s a serious worry for humanity.” (re his chat with Elon Musk about AI)
~ Walt Mossberg, Recode

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