Jun 23

Cannes Lions, part 9

Cannes Lions
June 18-24, 2016
Cannes, France

“We can use virtual reality to give people new experiences of interacting with their bodies.”
~ Professor Chris Brewin, University College London

“These (VR health) experiences will be profound, across mental and physical health.”
~ Professor Chris Brewin, University College London

“You don’t need to push your brand to the forefront—it is about giving your audience a gift of an experience.”
~ Chris Milk, Within

“The fundamental technology (VR) will talk to us in our language—the experience of consciousness.”
~ Chris Milk, Within

“VR is not this new gimmick of buzzword—it is the first manifestation of a fundamental technology that will change the world.”
~ Chris Milk, Within

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Kevin Kelly at #canneslions
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“Creativity is not just a human thing. It is something other types of minds can do.”
~ Kevin Kelly, Wired

“When creativity is in the room you can feel it, we would all like to capture it–we would be printing money.”
~ Conor Brady, Writer

“AI will be creative differently than we are.”
~ Kevin Kelly, Wired

“Even though we don’t understand ourselves, we understand ourselves better than an AI.”
~ Kevin Kelly, Wired

“One of the side effects of AI is it will be a chief instrument for us to define ourselves. It becomes a tool for us to investigate how we think.”
~ Kevin Kelly, Wired

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