Jun 23

Cannes Lions, part 8

Cannes Lions
June 18-24, 2016
Cannes, France

“If data can replace creativity, then it was a commodity in the first place.”
~ Donald Chesnut, SapientNitro

“The opportunities to create value through tech and data are massive right now.”
~ Marc de Swaan Arons, Vermeer

“We are leading, but we are leading without a roadmap.”
~ Marc de Swaan Arons, Vermeer

“Changing the way women are portrayed in advertising is not just moral, it’s economic.”
~ Keith Weed, Unilever

“In order to make things happen, you have to make things.” (urging the Cannes Lions community to help with sustainability)
~ Sir Richard Curtis, Writer/Director/Producer

Visual Quote:
Daniel Ek at #canneslions
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“At least the cave-painters used all 360% of the cave.”
~ Marc Mathieu, Samsung

“We think VR will reinvent communication and commerce and compassion, as well as content.”
~ Marc Mathieu, Samsung

“This is the most exciting time for content since the Lumeire brothers created cinema.”
~ Marc Mathieu, Samsung

“VR is the end  of mediums as we know it.”
~ Chris Milk, Within

“VR is not this new gimmick—it is the first manifestation of a fundamental technology that will change the world.” 
~ Chris Milk, Within

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