Jun 23

Cannes Lions, part 7

Cannes Lions
June 18-24, 2016
Cannes, France

“Cannes is increasingly striking me as a bubble. We are away from the reality.”
~ Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP

“We go back (from Cannes) to companies where the CFO and finance rule.”
~ Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP

“Forget about Brexit, Trump, Brazil, China—things are tightening.”
~ Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP

“Companies that innovate and are best in brand win.”
~ Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP

“We are rolling the Ford-Team Detroit model around the world.”
~ Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP

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Keith Weed at #canneslions
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“I think the world is going global and local.”
~ Keith Weed, Unilever

“People are searching for identity in an increasingly global world.”
~ Keith Weed, Unilever

“I have forced training through Unilever, about marketing in a digital world.”
~ Keith Weed, Unilever

“We got 85% participation (in training)—I don’t know what part of mandatory they didn’t understand!”
~ Keith Weed, Unilever

“New Term: HIPPO—where the ‘highest paid person in the room’s opinion’ (always) drives.”
~ as tweeted by Conference Bites

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