Jun 22

Cannes Lions, part 6

Cannes Lions
June 18-24, 2016
Cannes, France

“The difference between writing for social and writing for The Times is that you have to engage your brain.”
~ Caitlin Moran, Journalist & Author

“Human beings are capable of making 10,000 expressions—3,000 of them relate to emotions.” (on data & story)
~ Matthew Luhn, Pixar

“We can’t do fantastic things based on the real, unless we know the real.” (quoting Walt Disney)
~ Matthew Luhn, Pixar

“One of the beautiful things about digital media is that digital is data.”
~ Konrad Feldman, Quantcast

“A calm designer will get you where you want to go, with the least cost in terms of your attention.”
~ Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist

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“We are in so much present shock that we can’t think more than 2 minutes ahead (of the next email).”
~ Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist

“If anything, our kitchens and our homes are where we need less technology, not more.” (on The Dystopian Kitchen of the Future)
~ Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist

“In 2-3 years, camera phones become metabolized into our systems.”
~ Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist

“The right amount of technology is the minimal amount of technology.”
~ Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist

“We call it purpose now, but we have been doing it for years. It has been bubbling on.”
~ Keith Weed, Unilever

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