Jun 20

Cannes Lions, part 2

Cannes Lions
June 18-24, 2016
Cannes, France

“VR may overtake TV by 2025.”
~ Karen Boswell, DDB

“We apply the best techniques from gaming, to achieve a public health goal.”
~ Howard Rose, DeepStream

“We are building a Nero-VR Platform—digital health apps that generate an experience, enhanced by sensors.”
~ Howard Rose, DeepStream

“VR (can offer) personalized medicine that adapts in real-time via sensors.”
~ Howard Rose, DeepStream

“We can (and need to) turn people into engines of health, via VR.”
~ Howard Rose, DeepStream

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Howard Rose at #canneslions
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“Our unique knowledge of genetics will allow us to bend the arc of disease.”
~ Ron DePinho, MD Anderson

“The first disease to fall to the axe of knowledge will be Cancer.”
~ Ron DePinho, MD Anderson

“We expect the 2016 Olympics to be the largest social media event ever.”
~ Brian Yamada, VML

“We are going to lose one billion people due to tobacco use over the next century.”
~ Ron DePinho, MD Anderson

“The whole world order will change (with the IoT).”
~ as tweeted by Jason Xenopoulos

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