Jun 20

Cannes Lions, part 1

Cannes Lions
June 18-24, 2016
Cannes, France

“Today, a newborn in Europe expects to live 100+ years.”
~ Atilla Cansun, Merck Consumer Health

“We all have the right to live 100 kick-ass years! “
~ Atilla Cansun, Merck Consumer Health

“It may not seem like it here in the south of France, but creativity is hard work.”
~ Dave Sonderman, GSW

“Empathy has cognitive, affective, behavioral and moral components.”
~ Dr. Helen Riess, Harvard

“Empathy is considered a good thing, but is in short supply. Why are we in an empathy deficit and what can we do about it?”
~ Dr. Helen Riess, Harvard

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Dave Sonderman at #canneslions
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“Computer Screens are getting in the way of doctors understanding their patients feelings and fears.”
~ Dr. Helen Riess, Harvard

“TV is  great when you want to share a story. VR is for when you want to share an experience.”
~ Karen Boswell, DDB

“As a storyteller, you need to be able to be able to understand the psychology of your user.”
~ Mike McGee, Framestore

“We needed a 3D printer, to remake parts damaged (when people clutched the wall in fear).”
~ Mike McGee, Framestore

“Sources say 2016 will be VR’s first Billion dollar year. 2/3rds hardware, 1/3 content.”
~ Karen Boswell, DDB

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