May 10

Disrupt NY

Disrupt NY
May 9-11, 2016
New York, New York

“Immersion was the thread that I was following, but the ability to scale it didn’t exist five years ago.”
~ Chris Milk, VRSE

“The killer app for VR is storytelling—we just haven’t mastered it yet.”
~ Chris Milk, VRSE

“In a couple of generations of phones , I think they’ll do everything you can do with a tethered system now.”
~ Chris Milk, VRSE

“I hope every social platform in the world goes for a content strategy.”
~ Tim Armstrong, AOL

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Chris Milk, VRSE
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“Citizen Kane doesn’t come in year 2 (of VR). It isn’t going to take us decades, but it will take some time….”
~ Chris Milk, VRSE

“We are not Facebook. Our time is spent focusing on Google’s strength. Wanting to be someone else is a mistake.” (re its ad product)
~ Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google

“VR can (bring about) the democratization of human experience, the way the internet (brought) it for data.”
~ Chris Milk, VRSE

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