Mar 15

SXSW Interactive, part 3

SXSW Interactive
March 11-15, 2016
Austin, Texas

“Engineers are trying to understand how the electricity in our brains translates to thoughts, feelings.”
~ Eliza Strickland, IEEE Spectrum

“Aging causes damage to a lot of parts of the brain, and preferentially damages the hippocampus.”
~ Dr. Ted Berger, USC

“The hippocampus changes short term memory (codes) into long term memory (code).”
~ Dr. Ted Berger, USC

“If there’s a hole in the brain, we need to understand what part of the brain it was and how to recreate that function.”
~ Dr. Ted Berger, USC

“With electrically adding a code, we can create a super-animal (rat) in terms of enhanced memory.”
~ Dr. Ted Berger, USC

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Eliza Strickland - SXSW16
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“This is like translating from Russian to Chinese, without knowing either language.”
~ Eliza Strickland, IEEE Spectrum (quoting Dr. Berger’s work)

“We should be able to (mitigate) the memory effects of Alzheimer’s at all stages of the disease.”
~ Dr. Ted Berger, USC

“Once you push (the bounds) of memory, someone is going to want to push it a lot more, like a ‘Trump’.”
~ Dr. Ted Berger, USC

“The ethics of brain research will need to be considered as we expand what we can do to and for our brain capacity.”
~ Dr. Ted Berger, USC

“This can apply to other kinds of tissues, not just hippocampal tissue, (serving other parts of the brain).”
~ Dr. Ted Berger, USC

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