Mar 24

4A’s Transformation, part 3

4A’s Transformation
March 21-24, 2016
Miami, Florida

“All my regrets are around (disruptive) things we didn’t do. If you don’t try, you don’t learn.”
~ Mark Thompson, Author

“I vote 95% of my Board—I am the Stalin of my company.”
~ Shane Smith, VICE

“Winter is coming (and quicker than its coming on Game of Thrones).”
~ Mark Thompson, Author

“We want to make great shit—but it’s a war—people (and agencies) don’t want to leave SOP.”
~ Shane Smith, VICE

“Everyday we have to manage the present and invent the future.”
~ Wendy Clark, DDB North America

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Wendy Clark at #4AsTransformation
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“We have a macro view of the world, because of our data set (which is huuuuuge!)”
~ Jann Martin Schwarz, LinkedIn

“The companies that are most successful are really working on building their talent brands.”
~ Jann Martin Schwarz, LinkedIn

“We are seeing a future where the silos (hr, admin, training, comms) all need to flow together.”
~ Jann Martin Schwarz, LinkedIn

“In the Talent world, attribution is very clear—we can show talent gained and kept from your Talent Branding efforts.”
~ Jann Martin Schwarz, LinkedIn

“Most celebrities are household names, we are handheld names.” (on the strength of social media creators)
Simone Shepherd, Actor/Writer/Director

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