Mar 23

4A’s Transformation, part 2

4A’s Transformation
March 21-24, 2016
Miami, Florida

“Publicis is no longer a holding company—we feel this model is dead.”
~ Maurice Levy, Publicis

“We need analchemy of creativity… magic that can transform companies.”
~ Maurice Levy, Publicis

“We are the people for Christ’s sake who are building the brands—we should be respected for this!”
~ Maurice Levy, Publicis

“We are not stupid—we can add technology, and help our clients grow their business better than anyone else.”
~ Maurice Levy, Publicis

“I feel like I’m at a Trump rally. The anger.”
~ Jim Rutenberg, New York Times

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Shane Smith at #4AsTransformation
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“I think we don’t learn enough from the past—we have short memories.”
~ Maurice Levy, Publicis

“This election process shows that truth-telling and authenticity really matter.”
~ Mark Thompson, Author

“We decided—we are just going to press record (and share news) without a political opinion.”
~ Shane Smith, VICE

“You are going to see a bloodbath—media will consolidate… mark my words—it’s going to speed up.
~ Shane Smith, VICE

“The downward pressure from programmatic leaves everyone searching for premium—it’s the only way you can survive.”
~ Shane Smith, VICE

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