Mar 22

4A’s Transformation, part 1

4A’s Transformation
March 21-24, 2016
Miami, Florida

“$23 billion is being spent in social, yet few brands are connecting in a meaningful way.”
~ as tweeted by Amanda DeVito

“Collaboration in today’s world is not a nice thing to do, it’s a ‘must’ thing to do.”
~ Sharon Napier, Partners + Napier

“There’s never been a greater need or opportunity to experiment. Try a new thing, learn, adjust, repeat.”
~ Matt Williams, The Martin Agency

“For the adventurers, this is an exciting time for advertising.”
~ Nancy Hill, 4A’s

“We need to attract the best talent, so that we can encroach on the industries that are encroaching on us.”
~ Nancy Hill, 4A’s

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Nancy Hill at #4AsTransformation
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“People who don’t look like you…have a different point of view—that doesn’t make them wrong—it makes them valuable.”
~ Nancy Hill, 4A’s

“The advertising industry gave away $400+ million in free knowledge, strategy and creative.”
~ Bill Koenigsberg, Horizon Media

“We (in advertising) have a bright future, provided that we reinvent ourselves.”
~ Maurice Levy, Publicis

“I am convinced we have to revamp our industry to attract the best talent.”
~ Maurice Levy, Publicis

“Every industry is under threat of being Uber-ed. The ad industry is no exception.”
~ Maurice Levy, Publicis

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