Jan 22

CES, part 2

Consumer Electronics Show
January 6-9, 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada

“The next step is that computing is gaining senses. It can see but not only can it see in two dimensions but it can start to see in three dimensions with depth and perception… we call this the ‘sensification of computing’ when computing is allowed to expand beyond its silicon.”
~ Brian Krzanich, Intel

“If content is king, then context is god. If context is god, then data is its religion.”
~ Richard Frankel, Spotify

“We’re entering a new era in technology where consumers are choosing experience over products.”
~ Brian Krzanich, Intel

“The benefit of hiring youth is that they don’t know yet what’s impossible.”
~ Scott Flanders, Playboy Enterprises

“The uncomfortable reality is that there’s often a disconnect between the external view and internal view of a brand.”
~ Penry Price, LinkedIn

“People don’t like advertising. It’s not that advertising is bad, it’s just that most of it is executed poorly.”
~ Eric Johnson, Ignited

“Customer experience is what marketers should be talking about rather than just getting their message across.”
~ Andy Markowitz, General Electric

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Ashu Garg - CES16
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“If you’re genuinely helping me, then it’s no longer intrusive.”
~ Ash Sobhe, R6S

“I’ve been in marketing for 30 years. It’s changed more in the last five or six years than in the previous 25. We all know why: technology.”
~ Keith Weed, Unilever

“It’s not about trending or the hot topic of the day. I started to analyze the legends, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, etc. We are all fans of their entire career and that’s what matters most.”
~ Nick Cannon, Tech Entrepreneur/Entertainer

“One-third of execs said customer experience was their number one priority when differentiating their company.”
~ Mary Hamilton, Accenture Technology Labs

“80% of the time is spent on the top 4 apps. .00087% of apps are used on a consistent basis.”
~ Carolyn Everson, Facebook

“We’re not at the age of marketing, but at the dawn of the age of accountability.”
~ Andy Markowitz, General Electric

“We believe time is a big part of the luxury experience.”
~ Robin Page, Volvo

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