Dec 10

IGNITION, part 4

Business Insider IGNITION
December 8-9, 2015
New York, New York

“Latency is not caused by the publisher. The problem is an over abundance of technology in the ad.”
~ Jeff Burkett, The Washington Post

“Protect and defend is not a strategy. Maker Studios is here to entertain, inform & delight.”
~ Jason Krebs, Maker Studios

“Are you ready for this? The screen as we know it is going away. In 15 years, we won’t use smartphones as we know then today.”
~ as tweeted by Marie C Beuth

“One thought is that ads have to suck—we’ve proved that that is not true (re: branded vines). Vine is like the new television spot—it’s about winning hearts and minds.”
~ Rob Fishman, Niche

“We get asked about Occulus all the time, because marketers want to be ahead of the next thing. With Occulus, it is really too early to be thinking about Marketing.”
~ Carolyn Everson, Facebook

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Al Roker - BI Ignition15
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“Working for Mark makes you better everyday, because look who you are working for…”
~ Carolyn Everson, Facebook

“We have maintained a hungry company and a humble company, even though we are a big company.”
~ Jeff Immelt, General Electric

“This is a fundamental wake up call for advertising—(you need) quality content in a digital environment.”
~ Mark Thompson, NYTimes

“There won’t be many journalistic destinations in the smart phone future—we want to be one of them”.
~ Mark Thompson, NYTimes

“Virtual Reality has a role to play… the interest in it for branded content is extremely high.”
~ Mark Thompson, NYTimes

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