Dec 09

IGNITION, part 3

Business Insider IGNITION
December 8-9, 2015
New York, New York

“As things become more Native, publishers take on some of the aspects of great creative services organizations.” ~ Philippe von Borries, Refinery29

“Ad Blocking is only going to filter out the toxic stuff.”
~ Philippe von Borries, Refinery29

“I’ve been reading for 30 years that TV is dying—people are just watching it differently.”
~ Les Moonves, CBS

“We want you wherever we can get you.”
~ Les Moonves, CBS

“I tried to watch the first season of 24, but he had a flip phone, and I was ‘like, this doesn’t work for me’.”
~ from Teen Panel

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Ted Livingston - BI Ignition15
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“Outdoor will not lose one inch of market share, even as internet takes over TV.”
~ Maurice Levy, Publicis

“Data may be the new or white oil, but the value is in refining it, not owning the ‘oil field’.”
~ Maurice Levy, Publicis

“Most of our clients will be disrupted by digital—we have to have the capabilities to help them transform themselves.”
~ Maurice Levy, Publicis

“With the acquisition of Sapient, we can do the consulting… implement the new platforms and help (clients) change.”
~ Maurice Levy, Publicis

“74% of U.S teens expect their next phone will be an iPhone.” (huge)
~ as tweeted by Hubert Michaux

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